March 4, 2020
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What reviewers have said

  • Featherstream is a successful first novel. It is written with great care and attention to detail, and has an unusual and credible plot. It is a compelling and readable thriller which convincingly brings to life the Cape of 80 years ago. Dr Sara Pienaar, Historian Full review
  • Fairlady Magazine (June '19 Edition) Books Feature by Suzy Brokensha Article
  • An intriguing tale…Sutherland’s novel has all the ingredients for a good read. Brian Joss, The Gremlin Full review
  • First time author Ian Sutherland gets under your skin in this historical novel set in the breath-taking Cape Agulhas area in a pre-Nationalist South Africa. It's a compelling read, with a wonderful sense of place and a cracking pace. Love Books
  • Headline feature in Agulhas community newspaper 2Oceanenuus. 2Oceanenuus Review

What fans have said

  • Great story - intriguing, gripping, impossible to put down. Kept me up past midnight! Michael Fleming
  • Sensitively written prose gently evoking the mood of the local landscape. Sally Ann Watkins
  • A sense of place and time, both credible and compelling. Robin Stuart-Clark, Print Matters
  • A very accomplished novel. Markus Hoffmann, RHA Literary Agency
  • The novel is fantastic and had me hooked to the end! Alison Gwynne-Evans, English Alive
  • A tale charged with intrigue, tension and wrenching emotion….an absorbing and entertaining read. Tony Grogan, Artist, Cartoonist & Author